I get down with the kids at Chvrches

Sunday, 16 March 2014

After a very sober start to the year, my halo has slipped somewhat and the delights of green juice and 5Rhythms have been swapped for rum and coke and drunken dancing.

The last couple of weeks I've been getting down with the kids, enjoying a bit of trip hop and synthpop respectively at the London Grammar and Chvrches gigs along with my trusty concert buddy Hannah.

Brit nominees London Grammar are apparently the next big thing and have most definitely been added to Zero 7 in the category of 'background music I don't find annoying.'

The art deco surroundings of ex-cinema Troxy in east London were perfect for an emotionally stirring night. Hannah Reid's voice is so ethereal and haunting, only someone with a heart of stone would fail to be moved (certainly not I who cries shamefully at adverts).

It was one of those nights when everyone just stands swaying serenely, although the trio really came into their own with the livelier track Metal & Dust and I predict they may go in a dancier direction in the future.

Last night at the Forum in Kentish Town was a more jovial affair and we got right up the front where it smelled like a teenage boy's bedroom with a pong of smelly trainers and BO (not that I spend much time in teenage boys' bedrooms- honest).

As we moaned about our back pain and hurting shoes we contemplated whether we'd be better off getting seated tickets for our next gig. But Hannah, a mere lass of 30 who crowd-surfed to the likes of Slipknot in her heyday, is insistent we will youthfully stand despite being less achingly hip and more aching hips these days.

All ailments were forgotten when Chvrches came on and played their popular tracks Recover, Lies and the Mother We Share.

My favourite moments were surprisingly when Martin Doherty sang lead vocals. He has a more exuberant stage presence than the laidback Lauren Mayberry and his frenetic dancing to Under the Tide had the crowd's energy rising (so much that the man in front of me got over-excited and stomped on my foot but hey all part of the experience).

Ex-journo Lauren is a pretty cool chick and I admire her stand against online misogyny. Who are these sad guys who dedicate their time to writing offensive comments and why don't they have something better to do? The mind boggles.

Anyway, the next gig planned is Ben Ottewell, which I'm sure will be less frequented by teenage boys and full of ageing Gomez fans like ourselves. Bring it on...
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