I join the green juice brigade

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Being a bit of a wild child, my main addictions right now are smoothies and frozen yoghurt. Yeah, I'm crazy me.

But on Monday as I grab my morning smoothie in Crussh I notice a worrying trend. Everyone's drink other than mine seems to be green. Looking at the women in front of me virtuously clutching their bright juices, I'm almost ashamed of my pink, obviously non-vegetable drink.

I'd thought green juice was just a craze among health fanatics, but it's obviously become more mainstream of late. Just last week my best friend posted a photo on Instagram of her melon, strawberry, mango and spinach and apple juice, proudly declaring it the best smoothie ever. Spinach? Am I missing a trick here?

Now I've considered trying it before, having pretty much sampled the whole of Crussh's menu, but have been reluctant to hand over my hard-earned cash for something that looks so, well, unappetising.

I google green juice and discover it's quite the thing. Converts claim it increases nutrient intake, helps weight loss, increases energy levels, strengthens immunity, speeds up detoxification of the liver and gives you a glowing complexion. Sounds like I need to jump onto this bandwagon pronto, but will I be able to stomach it?

Turning to the Crussh website, I examine the menu. The Green Goddess sounds not too bad with apple, kiwi, lime, pear, cucumber, spinach and celery (ok maybe minus the cucumber, spinach and celery).

The Veggie Greens on the other hand sounds positively putrid with kale, spinach, lime, celery and cucumber - basically all the reject ingredients from the other smoothie.  Even the website declares this one is 'only for the brave'.

There's also the Lean Green with kale, spinach, kiwi, pear, pineapple and apple, which would sound quite yummy if it wasn't for veggie ingredients.

I know I'm being a bit squeamish but the thought of drinking vegetables makes me think of cold soup. However I'm sold by the health benefits, with one fanatical website even claiming it's practically a religious experience.

I've just got my 10th stamp on my Crussh card and am due for my freebie juice, so I decide to go for the Lean Green which seems the most palatable of the three. If I don't like it can always be chucked in the bin without having wasted a day's salary (let's face it these drinks ain't cheap).

On Tuesday morning I leave Crussh smugly clutching my juice, casting pitying glances at those lesser beings with their ungreen drinks. Heading for the tube I swear people are looking at me admiringly. OK that's a lie. Being London I doubt anyone on my commute would give me a second glance if I was wearing flashing neon lights. However I'm still pleased with the healthy image my new accessory projects (in my own head at least).

If I'm about to put myself through this I'm going to make sure everybody knows about it, so I post a picture on Instagram where it's at home alongside almost 200,000 similar photos. A quick search on Pinterest reveals hundreds of boards with names such as 'Green Juice a Day' and 'Obsessed with Green Juice'. 

Enough research, it's time to get this down. After all that fuss, it's actually totally fine - very fresh tasting almost grass-like. I'm not sure if it has any physical effect but mentally it puts me in the mood for a detox. So much so in fact, that in the afternoon I forgo my usual latte in favour of a Mintavado smoothie made with mint, avocado, lime and frozen yoghurt.

It's not the prettiest drink in the world, but I try not to dwell on it's sludge-like appearance. It actually tastes pretty good with the lime flavour almost evoking a particularly healthy mojito.

So my first day of green juice is a resounding success. I can't say I've had anything akin to a religious experience but I'm feeling pretty energised. Next time I might even be brave enough to try the Veggie Greens. Maybe...
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