Iced Almond Chai

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Serving with chocolate is not compulsory

When I found myself in the depths of freezing February wearing a woolly hat and scarf trying to clutch a frozen yoghurt cone in my mittened hand, it was clear my addiction was out of control.

I'm strangely unable to walk past a branch of Snog without treating myself to something icy. The staff in Islington anticipate my order as if I'm a local in the pub. They're practically my besties now.

Snog is great because the frozen yogurt are made with agave nectar rather than sugar so no need to feel guilty. Plus the cones and toppings are all gluten-free, even the chocolate brownies.

So I was very excited to get the Snog healthy treats cookbook. It's full of lovely ideas of how to make your own frozen yoghurt and unusual toppings (cinnamon sweet potatoes with salty pumpkin seeds anyone?). Yesterday afternoon I gave this iced almond chai a try. It's perfect for a sunny day and really satisfying to grind up the spices to make the chai powder. Presumably the same recipe could be used for hot chai too...

Ingredients (Serves 4)

12 cardamom pods
8 allspice berries (1 1/2
5 cm/ 2 inch piece of cinnamon stick
1 tspn finely grated ginger
2 tspn agave nectar
1 and a half cups of boiling water
3 cups almond milk
2 tea bags


Grind cardamom, allspice and cinnamon in a grinder or with a pestle and mortar
Add almond milk, spice mix, ginger and agave nectar to a pan and heat gently without boiling. Leave to cool for 15 mins
Add boiling water to tea bags, leave to steep for 10 minutes then remove tea bags and put tea in fridge to chill
Mix spiced almond milk and chilled tea together
Serve immediately with ice in 4 glasses with cinnamon sticks to decorate

Made With Love By The Dutch Lady Designs