A night out in Newisham

Sunday, 20 July 2014

The hashtag Newisham has had a bit of a lukewarm reception. There's complaints that it's tacky, patronising and well, just a bit crap really. Yes, the phrase does have all the eloquence of the government's Stoptober campaign, but calm down dear it's only a hashtag.

And the wonderful thing is that Newisham is actually good. I for one am loving it. Lewisham has never been the greatest place for a night out - the Ravensbourne and the Ladywell Tavern are pretty good boozers, but other than that you really need to head to New Cross for any decent nightlife. Well at least until now...

Street Feast at the Model Market seems to have brought the party people of the area out in droves. Set in a formally derelict market, it looks rather like Brixton Village but with a central courtyard and DJ.  The old shops fronts have been used for pop-up food joints, cocktail bars and shelters. It's retained its character right down to the broken hairdryers in the former salon and the travel agent sign declaring Lewisham, New York.
Hang on a minute, is this really Lewisham?!

There's a good mix of people of all ages with a few kids along early on, but gradually descending into a party atmosphere. 'Who are all these middle class people and from whence did they spring?' is the question in everyone's mind. And then shortly afterwards, ah well who cares really? The rum punch is highly intoxicating, the music is highly danceable and the atmosphere is highly friendly. Around 11pm it just becomes like a big street party. Best of all it's running every Friday and Saturday until the end of September which is going to save me a fortune in train fare trekking into town.

Dancing in the rain to Fleetwood Mac, rum punch in hand, nights don't come better than this for me! So when it comes to Newisham count me in crap hashtag or not.
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