What happens while you're busy making other plans...

Monday, 25 January 2016

This week I was planning to really knuckle down to writing my novel. I vowed to wake early and work diligently all day while the children were at school. I already had my blog post drafted about beating procrastination and meeting goals.

But life had other plans for me - my daughter had a sore throat Saturday night, by Sunday morning it was a temperature and by the evening it was a fever.
I was up most of last night cooling her down with damp flannels and administering Calpol and cuddles. Rather than spending the day writing, I've spent the day in bed playing CBeebies games and watching Spongebob on the laptop.

At first I felt frustrated that my well-laid plans had been ruined and my schedule thrown off, but then it struck me that it's exactly for these kind of situations that I wanted to be freelance. Now I can be there for my children when they're ill without worrying about calling the office or trying to arrange last minute childcare.

Maybe on some level I needed to spend a quiet day with my daughter rather than driving myself crazy with a self-imposed deadline. So instead of fighting it, I decided just to relax and appreciate how lucky I am to have this time.

And when Enid had a nap, I was so determined to make the best of the spare time that I wrote 2,000 words before she woke up.

But that's not even the best of it...I'd forgotten how funny Spongebob is.

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