What would you do if you had no limits?

Monday, 8 February 2016

I watched Limitless again on Netflix this week - a film which always makes me feel envious. It's about a copywriter who takes a mysterious drug which enhances his brain power. Suddenly he goes from being an unmotivated loser with writer's block to finishing his novel in hours, reading hundreds of books, picking up languages just by hearing them spoken and making a fortune on the stock market.

His transformation is inspiring to watch and it makes me wonder what my own life could be like without limits. I'm so often frustrated at limitations such as the number of hours in the day and how much I can get done in them or the difficulty of translating my ideas and feelings into words which aren't cliches.

A friend of mine has been wanting to start a motivational blog about running for a while. He confessed to being worried that nobody would care what he had to say and asked how I get the inspiration to write.

I have to admit to having the same worries. Working on my novel, I often doubt if the world even needs any more books. I'm already up until all hours trying to get through the backlog of purchases on my Kindle. Sometimes I wish the publishing industry would grind to halt to allow me to catch up. There are so many classics I still want to read, let alone all the Booker lists I haven't got round to... and of course the latest Bridget Jones.

It's easy to give up on the idea of writing that book, blog or whatever it may be, but what if the story or information you have to share is exactly what somebody out there is looking for?

It's true that most things have already been said, but nobody can say them in quite the same way that you can. Nobody else has the exact voice and life experience and perspective. So I say just write it and maybe someone will be touched by your words. Maybe it will even change their life in some way. Because although we all have our limits, sometimes the worst are the ones we put on ourselves.
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