Celebration time: finally finished my manuscript!

Monday, 29 August 2016


This year has been one of celebration. I've recently celebrated turning 40 and starting a new job. Now I'm celebrating finally finishing my manuscript and submitting it to the Romantic Novelists Association's new writers scheme.

I had hoped to get my submission in earlier than the last week of the scheme, but I'm proud to have managed to get it written at all in between working, being a single mum to two daughters and generally trying to have a life.

Although my draft needs a lot more work to make it a finished product, it feels like the first wobbly step on a long journey. Writing a book has been a lifelong goal and whatever comes next I'm happy to have achieved that ambition.

So as I promised myself at the start of this year,  I celebrated with dinner and cocktails at the Oxo Tower. It really felt wonderful to finally be there enjoying the amazing food, views and novel sensation of actually having achieved one of my new year's resolutions for once.

And while the manuscript is being read, I'm looking forward to having a bit of time off from either writing or feeling guilty about not writing. I have vague plans to watch more films, read more novels and do more exercise. Although I do have a couple of poetry ideas...
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