Why I love belly dancing

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Photo by Brooke Cagle 

I'm always one to have something on the go - there's been Buddhist meditation, 5Rhythms, full moon dancing, morning raving, flamenco, kundalini yoga and of course the obligatory salsa. So for 2017, it's out with the old and in with my new hobby - belly dancing.

There's something very liberating about shaking your wobbly bits about without inhibition, when in everyday life we have to hide our bodies and our femininity.

Women's physiques are so often shamed - as if everything's meant to be rock hard and neatly contained. Breastfeeding in public is frowned upon, mentioning periods is taboo and magazines humiliate less-than-perfect celebrities for 'flaunting' their figures aka daring to leave the house or God forbid sunbathe. Whether they're deemed too skinny or too bootylicious - female bodies are up for judgement. And women can be the harshest critics of ourselves and each other.
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